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On Bluefrog Creative by Aline Reed, 03 June 2013

Or even just because. Liking a piece of creative work is not generally enough of a reason to feature it on this blog, so here’s something more useful.

Today, we’re looking at the donor recruitment packs we produced as part of Friends of the Earth’s ‘Bee Cause’.

It’s an interesting campaign because new donors aren’t just asked for a donation. They are asked to give and play an active role in helping to save the UK’s bee population.

  • For the low value cold audience, that means giving £15 and receiving a Bee Saver Kit, including Bee friendly seeds to plant.
  • For the high value cold audience, we ask for £1,000 to help set up a Bee World (these are larger expanses of land that are turned into a suitable habitat for bees). High value donors also receive a thank you pack that enables them to help save bees in their own window box or garden.

Bluefrog produced three key parts of the campaign: the insert, low value cold pack and high value cold pack.

This is – I think – the second year that the Bee Cause has been used to recruit new donors. So our challenge was to take this great offer and make sure that we were using it to maximum effect.

So this is what we did.



Who better to talk about the plight of the bee than a bee? Our letter comes from Honey the Bee, who makes a heartfelt plea for help. 

Letter front

Honey appeals to the reader to become a friend of bees. Because bees need friends right now.

Letter back

Honey speaks with emotion, but also shares some alarming facts.

Bee kit
Potential donors are asked to buy a Bee Saver Kit, plant bee-friendly seeds and transform their garden into a haven for bees. The Bee Saver Kit makes a great gift too!

Cold pack

Cold pack

The same approach is replicated across the cold pack and the insert.

High value

HV pack

The high value pack is regionalised: donors are asked to help fund bee worlds in their local area.

HV postcards

The High value pack includes these postcards featuring different species of bees to help publicise the campaign.

What could you ask your new donors to do?

Many years ago, the Founder of the YMCA Sir George Williams, said “It’s not how little, but HOW MUCH we can do for others.” So often, we ask for the minimum, but this time we asked donors for more. The threat of extinction is something we can all do something about by giving money, and setting up bee havens.

The Bee Cause is continuing to recruit donors over the next few weeks and months. So far results are looking good! 

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