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Like most other websites, we use cookies to help improve your user experience and work out which types of content are more popular than others. A cookie is a file which is stored on your computer or mobile device, via your web browser. Cookies enable this website to recognise when somebody revisits it. By using this site you are allowing us to set these cookies.

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Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics to see which areas of our web site are the most popular. This data does not tell us anything specific about you such as your name or address, but it does allow us to make observations like “95 people visited from the USA last month and 51 of them viewed our contact page”. The names of the Google analytics cookies are:

Google Maps

We use Google Maps as our embedded mapping tool which allows us to show a location to you in a searchable global map. Google uses cookies to remember settings about the embedded map. The names of the Google Map cookies are: