Big Bear Build and Big Bear Rescue


Inspire WSPA donors to give as much as they can to help extend the WSPA-funded sanctuary, and end the cruel and illegal captivity of bears in Romania.


WSPA had been working in Romania for several years, rescuing bears from a lifetime of cruelty as tourist attractions behind restaurants, or from rundown zoos – giving them a new life at the WSPA-funded sanctuary.

But with 60 rescued bears already climbing trees, bathing in pools, and generally just enjoying life at the sanctuary, there was simply no more room. WSPA needed to extend the sanctuary to accommodate the 25 or so bears they knew were still suffering in horrific conditions.

But to do that, WSPA needed funds, and fast.


Bluefrog developed the Big Bear Build appeal, which asked donors to give a gift that could help build the urgent extension and give suffering bears a safe new home.

The proposed extension needed to be 80,000 square metres, and it would cost just £3.10 per square metre to develop the land into a safe, comfortable home for bears – so we asked donors to help fund as many square metres of land as they could afford.

Mid Value donors received this folder, welcoming them to be a part of the Big Bear Build:


Inside was a map, detailing the sanctuary extension they could help build:


And more information on bears that had already been helped, and those still waiting to be rescued:


The pack in full:


Standard Value donors received a scaled-down version of the pack:


WSPA donors came through with incredible generosity, and when the sanctuary extension was finished, Bluefrog developed the follow-up appeal too: the Big Bear Rescue.

Big Bear Rescue needed to give donors the happy news that the sanctuary extension was now complete and ready for bears, but also ask them to take part in the next, crucial step: actually rescuing the remaining bears.

The pack included a booklet showing the wonderful new home they’d helped build, and then also the bears in Romania that now needed to be rescued:


Both packs offered donors the chance to help make history: to end the cruel and illegal captivity of bears in Romania, forever.


Client: WSPA