Creating a tribe of Animal Protectors


WSPA wanted to increase the number of regular givers it had in countries throughout the world. We needed to create a product that would inspire donors to give and then build their loyalty and commitment.


What motivates an animal-lover to give regularly? We believed that they wanted to join with people throughout the world to stand up for animals. After all, animals can do little to protect themselves from the cruelty and neglect that they face.

We called upon WSPA supporters and prospects to be ANIMAL PROTECTORS.



Bluefrog developed Animal Protector – an online regular giving product.


It was built with Uspace, our attrition-busting online platform. Animal Protector aims to build a strong relationship with regular givers, by showing them exactly how their gifts are protecting animals from cruelty and suffering.

It also gives regular givers the chance to interact with WSPA and define themselves as someone who cares deeply about animals – in the way that works for them.

When they log in for the first time, a supporter can customise their Animal Protector site based on their favourite animal.


As well as customising the header of their site, a supporter can choose an animal’s paw print for an avatar (alternatively they can upload a picture of other animals, their pets, or themselves).


Animal Protector is all about choice – a supporter can also select a travel wallet or keyring, to show the world they’re an Animal Protector.


Regular updates, featuring pictures and videos, enable a supporter to keep up-to-date on the WSPA projects they’re funding and see the animals they’re protecting.


A supporter also has the chance to comment on each update, sharing their opinions and passions with other members of the Animal Protector community.

Client: WSPA