Legacy and In Memoriam

Bluefrog are the experts in Legacy fundraising

Having pioneered legacy marketing in his time at the YMCA our Head of Legacy & In Mem – Hugh Stockhill, has over 15 years experience in this field.

We focus on identifying the right audience, finding the specific sweet spot that can carry your legacy message, before finally delivering high quality and effective communications.

Using data modelling, expert creative and technique based cross channel communications, we consistently deliver warm legacy campaigns with an ROI above 50:1. Our 3 stage legacy programme helps to identify Pledgers within your supporter base, as well as generating thousands of new legacy prospects.

Strategy and stewardship are essential when trying to ensure Pledges are realised over long time frames. Using insight from our own research, and our understanding of donor needs, we are able to deliver long term stewardship programmes as well consultancy services on all aspects of legacy fundraising.