Who we are

Bluefrog is a full service fundraising agency based in London

We focus on identifying and meeting donor needs as a means to develop outstanding fundraising strategies and materials.

Established in 1997 and staffed with over 30 experienced and creative fundraisers, we look to work with likeminded clients who share our ethos. We are independent and committed to helping our clients achieve their goals.

Though recruiting one-off donors can be easy, recruiting loyal donors and building a lasting connection takes time and effort. At Bluefrog a lot of that effort goes into sharing the joy of giving with those privileged enough to help, as that’s how we can bring charities and the public closer together. Attracting donors who are likely to support our clients for the long-term.

Our approach relies on aligning the strengths and capabilities of our clients, with what donors want to give to. Offer, technique and a deep rooted understanding of donors come together, to create great fundraising.